Thursday 31 March 2016

Creative Living

Creative living is a joyful living or living from your soul and childlike spontaneity. Many a times in our busy lives we tend to ignore our own dreams and aspirations. We work more on the materialistic level rather than focusing on things that makes us feel alive. A creative lifestyle helps us to understand this and implement these in our day to day living. It is about creating our own lives as an expression of ourselves and coming back to self.
Creativity brings out the best in us. It is a Mindful activity which also gives us a sense of purpose and achievement. On the scientific levels Creative Living rewires the brains and creates new pathways. It releases Oxytocin the feel good hormone in our bodies. It also enhances our productivity and leadership skills. It makes us better decision makers as well as more adaptive to change. They are also bigger risk takers which makes them more creative and out of the box thinkers like Steve Jobs. 
Creative living makes us more focused and experimental as well as courageous. These traits help people to look at life in a solution oriented way rather than being problem oriented. Thus they are better prepared for the hurdles and hiccups that life offers.
Creative living also helps you to enhance the relationship and parenting skills in people as they are happier and contended so they spread the same among their family. Mindfulness helps them to live in the now which keeps them Psychologically healthier.

10 Ways towards leading a creative life :
Practice Mindfulness and Meditation
Be Spiritual
Pursue a hobby
Learn something new
Be non-judgemental
Adopt a pet
Do something out of your comfort zone
Make someone happy

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Tuesday 29 March 2016


Mindfulness is the art of present moment awareness…it is the state of being rather than doing.

In this fast paced world we are missing out on all the important aspects of our life by not stopping to enjoy the moment but rushing into another without a pause. Slow life disturbs us and makes us feel anxious because we do not have a lot of activities to keep going. And these moments force us to keep us occupied with meaningless and non-productive activities which keeps us busy. Most of the time it is about us not wanting to take a break to stop and introspect into our lives. You just want to rush through life so that you are trying to run away from yourself and your emotions as well as to run away from the problems in your day-to-day life. Many a times work holism is a garb under which an emotional and sensitive person wants to hide into rather than facing the negative emotional or environmental challenges he/she may be facing in their personal lives. So we are used to not facing the situation but rather trying to evade the true feelings which are suppressed beneath all this layers of excuses.
Mindfulness helps you to get into the self- awareness mode where you are fully aware of your emotions and feeling which may be good or bad ,you experience it but in a non-judgemental way. You are not categorising it as good or bad but rather understanding it and allowing it to pass by. Mindfulness is not just meditation but a life style. Everything changes within you once you embark on the journey of Mindfulness. Life becomes more simple and focused. You learn to enjoy every moment of your life by breathing in the fragrance of Mindfulness. Mindfulness takes you on a journey of more fulfilled life where you are present in every moment which is the present not the past or the future. So there is less of rumination about the past and worry about the future.
Mindfulness has now being used all over the world for individual growth as well as in hospitals for pain management and other Diseases. Mindfulness when integrated with Psychology has been proven to work wonders with people with chronic Depression, Anxiety, Adult ADHD , Anger Management, Stress Management ,Addictions Eating Disorders Obesity etc
In children Mindfulness can be used to increase Compassion, developing Resilience, reducing aggression stress and Anxiety, it also helps in curbing hyper-activity and in improving focus, concentration and memory.
Mindfulness can be experienced in many forms like Mindful Art, Mindful Eating, Mindful Walking, Mindful Colouring and Mindful Meditation, so choose from these which suits your personality the most.
We also have tailor made workshops for Corporates, Individuals, Groups, Adults and Children

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