Tuesday 17 January 2012


Attentive listeners distinguish themselves by using a variety of skills. These skills enhance a conversation and forge a bridge of understanding between the speaker and listener. among these skills are the following:
  • Probing - This is used for finding out more information and deeper feelings.Be concerned with who..what...when...where...why and how.
  • Clarifying - Ask the other person to explain something they said
  • Summarizing - Sum up your understanding of what the other person said
  • Confronting - Ask the other person to explain inconsistent remarks. Be gentle;confronting responses can lead to defensive reactions.
  • Supporting - Make it clear that you agree or at least support the other persons statement
  • Affirming - An affirming statement or non verbal gesture is a positive indication of your approval or understanding. It is often done by grunting nodding or by interjecting short comments
  • Restating - Repeat back what another said..this provides an opening for them to continue , or it allows them to hear what you think they said
  • Reflecting - Look back and analyze what has been said this adds insight or speculation to the conversation
  • Bouncing - Make a statement or quote another and ask the person to react to the statement