Thursday 19 May 2011

Ten Guideposts In Raising A Resilient Child

Be empathetic
Communicate effectively and listen actively
Identify and rewrite the negative scripts that you use with your kids
Believe in their worth
Accept and love them unconditionally as they do with you
Focus on their strengths and not on their weakness
Help them  to view mistakes as learning opportunities
Foster a sense of responsibility in them - bring home a pet
Help them to develop a healthy self esteem
Use discipline and not punishment to teach

"Be the role model for your child,be the one you want your child to be,your child will follow you"

Friday 13 May 2011

Towards happiness

“There is no way towards happiness, happiness is the way”
                                    Dr Wayne Dyer
As the above quote reflects happiness does not exist outside u but it resides within u. U r the only person who can make urself happy or unhappy. So look within urself  to find the route towards happiness and bliss
Way towards a happier u
Happiness in life does not come from getting ,it comes from being
Be spiritually alive
Put family first
Love and accept yourself unconditionally
Choose and pick your emotions
See troubles as blessings in disguise
Change your outlook towards life
Love your irritations
Be socially active
Pursue a hobby

Tuesday 3 May 2011

How thoughts control you and your life

As James Allen the famous author had written in his best seller “As A Man Thinketh” you are what you think. Great thinkers all affirm that we control our thoughts, our repeated thoughts mould our character and our character creates our destiny. A normal regular person has 60,000 to 80,000 thoughts in a single day that is almost one thought per second. To achieve authentic wisdom and to make life a wonderful and peaceful journey you have to monitor and mould the way you think and change your thoughts. Having a positive mental attitude not only helps you to create a life of your choice but also creates good endorphins in your physical body and causes you to reap the just rewards of a healthier and happier you .
A good positive and motivational thought can help you achieve what you want to achieve, where as a negative and pessimistic thought can pull you down from where you are. Weak , negative and pessimistic thoughts are a reason for many a people not trying to do or achieve what they are capable of achieving where as a positive optimistic thought can help you to achieve what you want to, in-spite of  unfavorable circumstances which doesn’t support your growth or progress . “A man can if he thinks he can”
It is the basic human tendency to whine and carry emotions such as anger, resentment, guilt, hatred, jealousy and other self downing thoughts. All of these thoughts are like quick-sand which when got into we get in deeper and deeper. So what do we do to avoid such weak and negative emotions? How do we cross the journey of life peacefully without any emotional baggage's? The answer to all these questions lies in your thoughts. Your thoughts can lead you to peace or take away the peace in your life. The more you start analyzing your thoughts the more you will see how they work on you. You can then get around to replace all these negative thoughts with positive ones one –by- one .This may consume a lot of time and energy but once you get into building up a positive mental attitude you are just going to reach your goal or destination of having a good blissful life.
Some tips on developing a positive mental attitude and cultivating strong good thoughts:
1.    Forgiving people –
“There are no justified resentments”
                          Dr Wayne Dryer
Forgiving people who have wronged you or rubbed you the wrong way in life is one of the ways to let go of the negativity. When you start applying the philosophy of forgiveness in your life you are taking an initial step in maintaining a positive mental attitude. Hatred and anger can be defined as two edged swords that not only hurt the victim, but hurt the perpetrator as well .No one comes into our life without any meaning or purpose neither the villain nor the hero, they all come to you to teach you some lesson take it as a lesson and let go. Don’t harbor any resentments or hatred against them .Anger and build up resentments are the cause of many mental as well as physical ailment. Forgive to benefit the most important person in the world – “YOU”

2.    Practicing gratitude –
    “I maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder”
-         G k Chesterton
         Gratitude is another way of moving towards positivism and good strong thoughts. Every morning before you get out of bed and in the night before retiring for the day spend some time counting your blessings and thinking about the things that you are grateful for in your life be it the health of you and your loved ones, waking up next to your loved ones or for any other materialistic comfort you have in your life. By doing so you will be reflecting on what you have rather than on regretting what you don’t have. Thus taking away the negative “lacking” and “wanting”, thoughts with the positive, “contended” and “having” thoughts.
3.    Living in the now –
Live in the moment forget or let go of the past and stop worrying about your future try to be in the “now” and enjoy what comes to you in this moment. All of our negative thoughts stem from either carrying your past baggage's or in ruminating about the future we just don’t appreciate our present. Learn to enjoy what life is offering you at this moment by being consciously aware of every moment in your life. We can achieve this by practicing meditation and living in the silence
“Meditation not only affects you, it impacts everyone around you”

Many of the psychological and physical illnesses stem from your thoughts so “Change Your Thoughts And Change Your Life”